Can Shoes Be Recycled: Ways to Recycle Shoes and Other Options to Save Them From Going to Waste

Yes, you can recycle shoes. Several recycling options are available, depending on the type of shoes and the location where you will recycle them. For example, if you’re recycling shoes in your home, you can break them down into their parts and ship them off separately.  

However, always check the label on your shoes before discarding them – some products are not recyclable because they contain plastics or other materials that we cannot break down easily. By recycling shoes responsibly, we can help reduce the environmental impact of footwear production.

How to Recycle Shoes (or Donate Responsibly)


TerraCycle is a recycling company that developed an innovative footwear sorting system that helps separate different materials, including textiles, leather, rubber, and plastic. 

By dropping old shoes off at their collection centers or donating them responsibly through their website, you are helping TerraCycle achieve its goal of becoming the world’s most sustainable recycling company.

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Shoes are one of the many environmental hazards that end up in landfills. You can donate them to organizations like Soles4Souls, which will redistribute them to needy people. By doing so, you do not just reduce waste going into landfill; you also help those who need it most!

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American Textile Recycling Service

Recycling shoes with an organization like American Textile Recycling Service is a great way to help the environment and reduce landfill waste. You can recycle shoes in many ways, depending on your lifestyle and location. 

By doing this, you’re helping reduce air pollution, save valuable resources, conserve natural resources, and protect our planet! Recycling responsibly is crucial – make sure that what you throw away doesn’t end up in landfill sites where it will take years to decompose. 

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Nike Grind

Regarding recycling, Nike is a company that continually leads the way. Not only does Nike Grind help recycle shoes, but you can also donate them to charity or reuse them for another purpose. 

In addition, taking good care of the materials used in recycling ensures that your sneakers meet Nike’s high-quality standards! All of this not only helps preserve the environment but saves you money as well. So next time you have old sneakers lying around collecting dust – put them to good use and recycle them into something new and eco-friendly!

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Recycling shoes is a great way to recycle old clothes and accessories while also helping the planet. ReCircled offers a variety of recycling options for shoes, including making them into new products or using them in insulation, building materials, etc.

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When it comes to shoe recycling, there are many places you can donate them – Goodwill is one of the most popular ones. Not just does this store recycle shoes responsibly, but they also provide job opportunities for those who want them. 

In addition to this centralized location, numerous charity stores all over the country also take footwear donations. So if you have any old shoes lying in good condition (no holes or damaged parts), drop them off at one of these locations!

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The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an option worth considering if you’re looking for an excellent way to donate your old shoes. They will use them for various charitable purposes. 

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Other Ways to “Recycle” Shoes


There are several ways to repair your shoes – painting them, staining them, or adding a new sole. However, the most popular way is by fixing them with new soles. 


Upcycling shoes is a great way to reduce waste and help the environment. You can upcycle shoes into new ornaments. You can use old shoes as decorations – hanging them on the wall or filling up shoe boxes with old clothes. You can turn them into new sandals, backpacks, sandbags, etc.!


Donating shoes to charity is an excellent way to reduce waste and help others in need. Not only are shoes recycling-friendly, but they also pose little environmental impact when donated or recycled. 

Many charities accept donations of shoes, so it’s an easy and convenient way to do your part in reducing waste. Moreover, reuse programs help keep recycling rates high, benefiting everyone involved – consumers get suitable footwear at bargain prices. At the same time, recyclers make money from the materials they recycle, and the environment remains healthy.


No matter how old or new your shoes are, there’s always a chance you can find a use for them other than just getting rid of them. By selling shoes online, you make some extra cash and help the environment. 

Before putting your shoes up for sale, it is vital to clean and sanitize them so that they’re ready to wear and avoid any negative health implications for customers. 

Why Donating Your Shoes Is a Good Choice

By donating your shoes, you’re not only doing a favor for the environment but also helping those in need. In addition, this is an excellent way to save shoes that are still wearable. Donating used shoes can reduce the amount of waste going into landfills. There are many charities available, and it’s crucial to select one that handles donations correctly.

How Shoe Waste Impacts the Environment

Shoe waste is a common type of waste generated in homes. Not only is it a waste of resources to throw them, but shoes are also a harmful waste to the environment. For example, shoe manufacturers use a lot of toxic chemicals during production, which leads to pollution when they’re worn or thrown away. 

The materials used to make shoes can also be hazardous if not disposed of properly. For example, shoes made of nylon and leather are often treated with harsh chemicals that can end up in the environment when worn or thrown away. 

So to avoid contributing to this wastefulness, recycle your shoes! By doing so, you’re helping the environment by reducing the waste you’re putting into landfills.