Can the Heel of a Shoe Be Cut Down: Tips on Cutting a Heel of a Shoe

Yes, heel height can be reduced by shoe repair. This is done by filing down the heel, so it no longer protrudes above the ground. In some cases, you can also cut down the heel of a shoe to make it easier for people with limited mobility or strength to wear the shoes. Finally, speak to a shoe repair specialist if you want heel height reduced on a pair of shoes you own. 

Tips to Follow When Cutting High Heel

The heel of your shoe is an integral part and needs to be treated with the same care as the other parts. If you are planning on cutting it, here are simple steps that will help you:

  • Prepare your tools, including a sharp pair of scissors, a straight edge, an iron, and some time to cut out your desired shape carefully.
  • Measure the heel of your shoe and sketch or draw to help you remember where it is.
  • Cut around the heel with a sharp knife – try not to go too deep into the shoe, as this can damage it.
  • Make sure to hold onto the heel while cutting, as this will prevent it from coming off in pieces and also enable you to fix any damages that may have occurred along the way!
  • Once you have cut the heel, use hot water and soap to clean it up and fix any damages that may have occurred.

Tips to Follow When Cutting Wedge Heel

Heel wedges can be a pain in the heel – especially when they’re too high or too low. But don’t worry; you can cut down heel wedges to make them more comfortable. After the wedge has been cut down, it should fit more comfortably and be less likely to cause blisters or pain. If you have too high or too low wedges, try cutting them down to the heel height you’re comfortable with.¬†

  • Start by tracing your heel onto your first piece of cardboard using a pencil or an inch ruler. Ensure all dimensions are correct before cutting – any errors here can lead to wastage. Use a rotary cutter and mat to make accurate cuts; take care not to nick a shoe or block!
  • Make a mark in the wood block. If you’re looking for an easy solution, try grinding down the heel using a wood block.
  • Grind down the heel until it’s smooth and uniform; this might take some time, so be patient. To ensure the heel doesn’t come off during the grinding process, ensure it’s big enough. It will also help if you take your time – patience is key! 
  • Use a file or sandpaper to smooth rough edges – this will help protect your heels from further injury. 

Reminders When Cutting Heels

Familiarize With Detail 

Heels are one of the most commonly replaced parts on shoes, and there is a high chance of getting damaged. If this happens, it can be challenging to repair them as the heel often has various curves and contours that need to be precisely replicated if the shoe is to look its best.

Requires Skills

While heel repair kits are available in stores, they often require professional skills or a lot of time – which is only sometimes convenient or affordable. Furthermore, these kits could be more user-friendly as they usually need quite a bit of precision to apply the glue correctly.

If you need more time or a more straightforward solution, try using a wedge shoe heel trimming kit instead! These kits come with easy-to-follow instructions that make clipping heels simple and hassle-free. Plus, because these kits use glue rather than screws or nails, you won’t have to worry about damaging other parts of your shoes while doing this task!

Risks of Cutting the Heel off a Shoes


The heel of a shoe is a high-risk area, and it’s essential to be careful when it comes to its maintenance. If the heel is cut off, it increases the risk of injury because there’s less cushioning in that area. 

Unstable Heels

Cutting the heel off a shoe makes it unstable and challenging to walk in. Consider these risks when purchasing a new pair of shoes – choose ones with an adequately maintained heel.

Foot Pain

Wearing heels can cause foot pain, and here are some other ways to reduce it as follows:

  • Medical News Today says heat can help relieve heel pain and swelling. Apply a heating pad, microwave, or hot water bottle on the heel for an hour.
  • Massage the heel using a massage cream or oil before bedtime to improve sleep quality. This will reduce inflammation and pain in the heel during the night.
  • Apply ice packs on the area multiple times daily to reduce inflammation and pain. This will also help reduce heel size and improve blood circulation in the heel.

Tips to Cut Down Heel Pain

Wear Well-Fit and Comfortable Shoes

There are a few ways to reduce heel pain. One of the most common ways is wearing shoes that fit well and are comfortable. If you have wide feet or high arches, it’s essential to get a shoe that fits properly in the toe box. Heel cushions can be bought and inserted into your shoes to make them more comfortable. Cutting down on weight may also help, as too much pressure put on the heel can lead to heel pain.

Get Low-Cut Shoes

If you’re suffering from heel pain, there are a few things that you can do to alleviate the problem. One solution is to get shoes that are lower cut. This means that the heel of the shoe is lower than the rest. This will make it easier for you to walk and stand without pain. Invest in a good pair of insoles or orthotics. These can help to provide additional cushioning and support for your heel, making heel pain less common.