Why Are Shoes Called Sneakers: The Origin of This Shoe’s Name and Other Names Used for Them

Sneakers were called so originally due to how quiet this shoe type is compared to noisy hard leather shoes. Today, sneakers come in various styles and colors for men and women. And the word “sneaker” is often used generically to refer to all shoes, even if they’re not technically sneakers. 

Footwear has a long and varied history, and sneakers are no exception. The other names used for sneakers include trainers, kicks, high-tops, low-tops, and tennis shoes. As time passed, the term sneakers came to be associated with basketball and running shoes. Today, sneaker styles have evolved into various materials, typically more durable than traditional shoes. 

Other Names Used for Sneakers

What you call them doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy wearing sneakers. However, here are some examples of the various names people use when referring to sneakers.


British people call sneakers trainers. Sneakers have a close resemblance to the shoe railway workers used to wear. So, when sneakers became popular, shoe manufacturers started calling them trainers instead of sneakers. “Trainers” is probably a portmanteau of “train,” as people before usually wore sneakers on train platforms and during train rides. 


Kicks are the slang form of the word “kick,” which is the act of striking or stamping with a foot, used to refer to all types of shoes. The term “kicks” is often used as slang for shoes, and this usage has been around since at least the 1940s, and it is thought to have originated from the phrase “getting a kick out of,” which means to derive pleasure or enjoyment from something.

In this context, “kicks” refers to the enjoyment or pleasure someone gets from wearing a particular pair of shoes. The term “kicks” can refer to any shoe, including sneakers, boots, sandals, and more. It is often used informally and colloquially, particularly among young people.


As time passed, sneakers became known as high tops because they were more like boots than shoes. Over time, sneaker brands started calling their products sneakers instead of high-tops to avoid possible trademark issues.


Sneakers are also known as lows or low-tops because of their height, have a shorter upper than other shoes, and are often considered casual shoes, and many wear sneakers for exercise or to go out – they are versatile!

Tennis Shoes

Sneakers are also called tennis shoes because rich people started playing tennis in these shoes. 

History of Sneakers

Footwear has always been an essential part of people’s wardrobes, and sneakers are no exception. Sneakers originated from hoes initially made of rubber, with a fabric top sliced into strips and then sewn together. Today, sneakers are typically made from more durable materials, making them a better choice for those who wear them frequently. 

As the materials used suggest, sneakers were initially designed as a type of footwear for outdoor activities. However, sneakers were often very tough and durable – perfect for active people on the go. 

But thanks to their versatile and comfortable design, they’ve become a popular footwear choice for anyone who wants to look good and feel great. Over time, sneakers became popular with everyday people as they became more comfortable and versatile. Today, sneakers are an essential part of any fashion-savvy person’s wardrobe! 

Shoes That Are Considered Sneakers

Sneakers are athletic shoes in different colors, styles, and sizes. They’re known as sneakers because they provide better traction on wet or slippery surfaces than traditional dress shoes. This is why sneakerheads often prefer to wear sneakers when it’s raining or when they’re going to be doing activities like basketball or football.

Sneakers are a type of shoe that is typically worn for sports and activities like running, basketball, or football. There are different types of sneakers – casual, work, and athletic. 

Athletic shoes have higher heels and thicker soles to provide extra stability when playing sports or walking long distances. Casual sneakers usually don’t have as much support and are designed for wearing on days when you won’t be exercising too much.

Sneaker Models

There are many different types of sneakers, each with its unique features. From runners to basketball shoes, high heels to tennis shoes, sneakers come in many different styles and colors. 

Some models come in more than one color option, like Nike Air Force 1s. Additionally, new sneaker designs come out each year, so keeping up with the trends is essential. 

There have been many popular sneaker models over the years. The popularity of different models can vary widely depending on various factors, such as the brand, the design, the functionality, and the cultural context. Here are a few examples of popular sneaker models that have gained widespread popularity in recent years:

  • Nike Air Jordan: The Nike Air Jordan is a line of sneakers first released in 1984. It was designed for basketball player Michael Jordan and has become one of the most iconic and popular sneaker lines of all time.
  • Adidas Superstar: The Adidas Superstar is a classic sneaker that was first released in 1969. It has a distinctive rubber shell toe worn by many celebrities and athletes over the years.
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star: The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star is a classic sneaker that has been around since 1917. It is named after Chuck Taylor, a professional basketball player who helped to popularize the shoe.
  • Nike Air Force 1: The Nike Air Force 1 is a classic sneaker first released in 1982. It was initially designed for basketball, but it has also become famous as a casual shoe.
  • Vans Old Skool: The Vans Old Skool is a classic skate shoe that has been around since the 1970s. It is known for its distinctive side stripe and has become popular among skateboarders and streetwear enthusiasts.

This is just a tiny sample of the many popular sneaker models that have gained widespread popularity over the years. There are many other notable models, and various brands are constantly introducing new popular models.

Use of Sneakers

Sneakers are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. They’re not just for sports – you can wear sneakers for various occasions, like when you’re going out or at home. Sneakers are widely used for multiple purposes other than exercise – they’re a popular style for everyday wear. 

Sneakers are essential for indoor and outdoor sports like basketball, soccer, and football. They are an integral part of any runner’s arsenal, and there are a variety of brands and styles to choose from. Manufacturers can customize them to fit your feet perfectly, providing stability and durability when running. 

It is also essential to clean them regularly – sneakers should be cleaned after every use, even if they’re walking around the house. Store them in a dry place where they will not receive much sunlight or moisture

When buying sneakers, make sure to select the correct size. Unfortunately, not all shoes fit the same way, so it’s essential to try them before purchasing. 

The Difference Between Shoes and Sneakers

Regarding footwear, shoes and sneakers are two of the most common types and come in many different styles and sizes, while sneakers are similar but have a lower heel and a tighter fit around the ankle. 

Sneakers are typically worn for playing sports or going on walks, while dress shoes are more formal and would be used for work purposes. The main difference is that sneakers are typically worn for athletic or casual wear, while shoes are more traditional. Additionally, sneakers are often called “sneakers” because they resemble the footwear worn by basketball players.