Why Do Shoes Have Heels: Reasons Heeled Shoes Exist

There are many reasons shoes have heels – from making them taller and more stable to prevent them from slipping on wet surfaces or making the wearer look more feminine or masculine. Heels also add an extra height, which is why they’re so popular among fashionistas. In some cases, you may wear heels for their perceived ability to make the wearer look more attractive or confident. Not all shoes have heels, and some people prefer to wear shoes without them for comfort or functional purposes.

Reasons Shoes Have Heels

They Are Fashionable

Heels are fashionable and often seen as a sign of high status. Adding an extra height to your appearance makes you seem taller and look more authoritative, and elegant. They can make your legs look longer and slimmer, giving the illusion of being thinner than you are! As such, heel-wearing is a popular trend. 

They Make Us Taller

Heel height is one of the main reasons why heels are a popular part of fashion. They give us that “pinch” we need to feel confident and in control and help make us taller overall. 

Not only do they elongate our limbs, but some people also believe that heels boost our self-esteem and give us a certain air of elegance and prestige. 

They Help Protect Shoes From Wear and Tear

Heels are a vital part of a woman’s footwear because they protect shoes from wear and tear. When you walk, your heel strikes the ground first, giving you a sense of stability – even when you’re not stepping on level ground. Heels also make it look like you are taller – giving people the impression that they can talk to you better or have a higher status.

A Low Heel Can Alleviate Some Foot Pain

There are many reasons why a low heel can be beneficial to your feet. First, low-heeled shoes reduce pressure on the foot’s arch by providing an elevated platform. This alleviates foot pain and fatigue, making it easier for you to move around and avoid getting tired quickly.

Why Running Shoes Elevated Heel

Heel height is a standard feature on running shoes for a reason- they make the shoe more stable on the ground, which helps you run faster and longer distances. Heels are also designed to stay in contact with the ground, which makes it easier for you to run.

However, some people don’t like heel height because they find it uncomfortable or difficult to wear for long periods. 

Why Men’s Shoes Have Heels

Heels make men’s shoes more stable, which is vital for walking or running. Heels also help keep the foot upright, which is necessary for balance and coordination during movement. Additionally, heel height can make men look taller. 

Types of Heels

Block Heel

Block heels are the most popular type because they offer a slender and trendy look while also making walking easy in high heels. They are perfect for formal events as they add height to your feet, giving you that extra advantage over other women. 

Additionally, block heels can be styled in many different ways so that you always have something stylish to wear.

Cuban Heel

The Cuban heel is a popular style with a flattering shape to the leg. It elongates the leg and gives an elegant appearance. The Cuban heel is also easy to walk in. Cuban heels are a type of heel that is typically found on shoes and boots, particularly those with a more formal or dressy style. Cuban heels are characterized by their thick, chunky appearance and relatively short height, typically ranging from 1 to 2 inches.

They are named after the heel style popular in Cuba during the 1950s and 1960s. Cuban heels are often associated with a vintage or retro style and are often seen on oxfords, loafers, and boots. They can be made of various materials, including leather, rubber, and synthetic. 

Comma Heels

Comma heels are a type of heel that features two pieces – one high and the other low. They add height to your feet, elongate calf muscles, and improve balance. 

You can also wear comma heels with different outfits due to their versatility – from formal events to day-to-day wear. 

Cone Heel

Cone heel is popular due to their versatility and practicality. It is perfect for casual and formal occasions, adding height to your feet while still looking sleek and elegant. Higher-heeled shoes are often considered more fashionable than those with lower heels because they give an elevated look.

Flare Heel

Flare heel is a popular style for women as it gives them an elevated look. They are easier to walk in as the heel isn’t too high off the ground, and they are perfect for outfits that require a lot of movements – such as dance. Heels with a more elevated platform are also becoming more popular due to their elongating effect on the legs.

French Heel

French heels are classy, stylish, and versatile. They come in different heights and widths to suit every foot type and can be worn with any outfit. So whether you’re looking to stand out at an event or want to dress up your everyday look, French heels will have you covered!

Kitten Heel

Kitten heels are a popular style of footwear for women, and they have a lot of benefits associated with them. They add height to the wearer’s stature, which creates an illusion of taller people. 

They are also used in traditional dances where a higher heel helps balance. The high heels provide stability for women walking and dancing, making them more graceful on the dance floor.

Spool Heels

Spool heels come in different styles and colors that make you stand out among other people. Not only do they add height and give off a more confident appearance, but they also help balance when dancing! Try them before purchasing to know which size will fit best on your feet. 

Different Types of Heeled Shoes

Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are versatile shoes that you can use for various occasions. They add height and an elevated appearance to the wearer, making them perfect for women who want to create a “wow” factor when they get seen for the first time. 


When it comes to shoes, nothing says high class like pumps. Heels add height to your foot, making you look taller and more refined. They also make your legs look longer – perfect for a night out in town or meeting new people. 

Many types of pumps are available on the market, catering to various needs and styles. 

Platform Heels

Platform heels are a popular fashion accessory that can improve your appearance in many ways. Additionally, they elongate them and make you look taller – perfect for formal occasions or high-traffic areas.