Do Adidas Shoes Run Big or Small: A Comprehensive Guide

Adidas shoes are known for their comfort, style, and true-to-size sizing. However, sizing can be tricky for some. Of course, you can always exchange or return it if you prefer something else to fit an Adidas shoe. So, whether you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers or shoes to wear to work, don’t hesitate to check out the size chart below to find the perfect fit.

Reviews of Adidas Shoes


Adidas Ultraboost shoes are some of the most popular sneakers today. If you are in between sizes, it is recommended to go for the larger size, as this will provide more room in the shoe for your feet to move and breathe. 

Though Adidas Ultraboost shoes come with an air-cushion effect, people with wide feet or calves may find that they need to get a half size bigger than their usual shoe size so they don’t experience discomfort or pain when wearing them.


Adidas shoes are known for their high-quality and snug fit. If you’re between sizes, it’s recommended to go for the smaller size, as Superstars tend to run big. So it is best to order the half size for those between sizes, as this shoe tends to run large. Knowing these sizing tips will help you make a better decision when buying Adidas sneakers online.

Stan Smith

Adidas shoes come in different sizes – for both men and women. Stan Smith shoes, designed specifically for women, can also be worn by men if the size is right. Bir is the smallest size of Adidas shoes and corresponds to US Women’s 5.5 – Men’s 6 is the largest size that Adidas sells. To find your perfect fit, try on a few pairs of Adidas shoes until you find the one that fits you snugly and comfortably!


If you’re looking for Adidas shoes, it is essential to know their size chart. According to Sole, Adidas is always faithful to size. You can find this information on the Adidas website or in-store. It is also necessary to consider your shoe size when buying Adidas online. Make sure to compare the sizing chart with your foot measurements before purchasing!


You can buy Adidas shoes in a wide range, so checking the size chart before buying is essential. Swift shoes tend to run big, so if you’re between sizes, go for the larger one. So if you’re in between sizes and have wide feet, go for the more comprehensive width option, as they will fit comfortably even after wearing them for a while. 

Adidas is tighter than some other brands, which means they should fit comfortably even after wearing them for some time.

Grand Court

Adidas Grand Court shoes are true to size, so if you have a narrow or small foot, consider the Premier range instead. However, even these shoe sizes tend to run big, so try them first! And, of course, only buy an Adidas shoe after trying it on first – this way, you know that the fit is perfect.


If your feet are more comprehensive than the size of the shoe, they will not fit properly. Adidas Falcon is an excellent choice for runners with wide feet as it offers superior cushioning and support. However, if you need clarification on whether the shoe will fit, we recommend trying them on in a store before buying them online.

Tips When Buying Adidas Shoes

Try the Shoes

When it comes to shoes, it is always important to try them on before you buy them. If the size needs to be corrected, go up a size. Make sure to try different brands – sometimes, one brand fits better. And make sure you check out our shoe size guide for more information!

Types of Socks

There are various types of socks, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Here are the four most common types: Athletic socks are made from a compression material and should be tight-fitting to provide extra support for athletic activities. They should also have mesh panels on the side to allow air circulation and ensure optimal performance. 

If you’re looking for breathable socks, choose those with these features, as they will let your feet stay cooler in warm weather conditions or during vigorous activity. Cotton or a blend sock type is ideal for everyday wear as it is comfortable and provides good moisture management properties. Measure your feet before buying shoes to know which size will fit best!

Never Assume

It is always a good idea to consult the size chart on the product page before buying. This will help you get an accurate fit, as not all shoes run small. Another thing to remember when sizing Adidas shoes is that they tend to run small. 

So, if you are between sizes, go for the larger size. If, after sizing up, your shoe still doesn’t fit well or gets damaged within a short time of wearing them, feel free to return them for a refund or exchange.

Precision Is Key

Precision is critical when it comes to buying shoes. Make sure to get the correct size, and feel free to take a little longer to find your perfect pair of Adidas shoes. It is worth waiting for them in store – as this will allow you to try them on first and ensure that you get the sizing right. 

Don’t worry if you need help finding your size or if it takes some time – shoe shopping is all about finding the perfect fit!

Consider Your Orthotics

When trying on Adidas shoes, always try them on with your orthotics in place. This will ensure that the size you pick is perfect for your feet! Adidas footwear runs true to size most of the time though if you’re between sizes, go for the larger size. 

When purchasing Adidas footwear, some people need to buy a half-size more significantly than their regular shoe size. Remember to consider your orthotic when choosing a pair of Adidas shoes – they usually fit pretty snugly!

Identify a Bad Fit

If your Adidas shoes don’t fit well, it is most likely because of a bad fit. To determine if this is the case, you need to check three factors – width, length, and toe space. You can also try contacting customer service to find a good fit for your shoes.