How Many Shoes Does the Average Woman Own: Woman and Their Pair of Shoes

The average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes. While this number may seem high initially, it’s alright, considering that women regularly use only 4-5 pairs of shoes. This number is likely to be even higher for women who are shoe-crazy. For example, women tend to buy more shoes than men – on average, women own 3.5 times as many shoes as men.

Reason Why Women Love Shoes

Increase Confidence

There are several reasons why women love and need so many shoes. Some of them include shoes making us look taller, feel more confident, look slimmer, and even protect our feet from harmful elements. Women typically wear their shoes more often than men; on an average day, women wear them for 7 hours while men wear them for 3 hours. 

So, next time you’re shopping for shoes, think about what your wardrobe would look like without them. You may be surprised at how many pairs of shoes you need.

Suits Style

One of the main reasons for this discrepancy is footwear preferences – women tend to be more comfortable and versatile in their footwear choices. So if you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes, consider going for something that fits well and appeals to your style. Additionally, rotate your shoes every few months to keep them from wearing out prematurely.


Every type of shoe has a different occasion for which it should be used. For example, you can wear a pair of shoes for everyday wear to work, go out with friends, or run errands. 

You should only wear formal shoes for special occasions like weddings or dinners. Heels should only be worn during a special event or dressing up. Keeping your shoes clean and conditioned is essential to avoid problems like blisters or heel spurs.

Types of Shoes for Women


According to the study conducted by the University of Minho, flats are the most popular and preferred type among women, accounting for over 60% of all footwear worn by women, while heel-wearing ranges between 20% to 25%. 


Boots take up 5% of the pie, but they are essential as they add height in appearance along with protection against cold weather conditions. Women tend to rotate their shoes more than men, which means they own multiple pairs in different colors and styles.


Regarding shoes, the average woman owns a different pair for every outfit and occasion. Athletic shoes are usually worn for sports or running, dress shoes are used at work, and flats, sandals, and clogs are used to relax and enjoy the outdoors. 

Sneaker brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma are trendy for this because of their lightweight materials and the fact that they’re designed to be comfortable and supportive while you’re running. Additionally, it would help if you considered buying shoes with heels ranging from 1 to 2 inches in height. This will help boost your cardio workout by increasing your oxygen uptake and speed.

If you need help deciding which type of sneakers to buy for a particular outfit, try going with an essential pair in multiple styles! This way, you’ll have a couple of shoes that will work for every company you put them in!


Heels provide an elevated feeling of style while still being practical – think about a wedding or special occasion when wearing high heels.


Wedges, sandals, and clogs: These shoes are versatile and comfortable because they let you walk or run on any terrain without feeling uncomfortable. They also come in different heights, allowing you to choose the most appropriate size. 

Tips When Buying New Shoes

There is no definite answer to buying shoes – it depends on your lifestyle and budget. If you are an avid shopper, it may be better for you to buy new shoes. However, if you are okay with buying used shoes, as they often last longer and cost less in the long run, that’s also an option. But, ultimately, a matter of your personal preference – do what makes you happy!

Tips to Save Money on Shoe Purchases

There are a few other ways to save money on shoe purchases. 

  • Check out Amazon’s subscription, save the program, and get shoe discounts. You can set up a subscription where Amazon will ship shoes to your doorstep at regular intervals for a fixed price. 
  • Join a shoe club or sign up for email updates to receive special offers and discounts on shoes. This way, you’ll be notified of new arrivals of shoes in your size and style, deals, and offers on footwear. 
  • Use shoe coupons available online or in print publications, such as Better Homes & Gardens, Woman’s Day, etc. Shoe coupons can save you anywhere from 10-50% off of your purchase of shoes.

Tips to Keep Your Sneakers in Good Condition

Shoes are essential to any wardrobe but must also be treated carefully. Make sure to store them in a dry, cool place and avoid storing them with other wet items. Rotting sneakers can be a huge problem, so it’s important to rotate your shoes so they wear evenly and don’t get stretched out. 

To clean your shoes, remove the tongue and wash them in warm water with soap and detergent. You can also treat them with shoe polish or a shoe treatment to keep them looking good for longer.